IRB Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact someone at the IRB if my question is not addressed in this list of Frequently Asked Questions?

Of course! Any member of the IRB is available to answer your question. If you do not know any of the members, please feel free to contact IRB Interim Chair Todd Olszewski.

​Can I submit a paper application?

We are no longer accepting paper applications.

Must all researchers complete the CITI online training program prior to the submission of an IRB application?

Yes. The principal investigator, the faculty sponsor (if any), and the co-investigators (if any) must complete the program. Your application will not be accepted for evaluation until all researchers do so.

Can I solicit participants and/or collect data at an off-campus location?

Of course! But you must first obtain a letter of permission from the organization that is responsible for the off-campus location. Your application will not be accepted for evaluation unless you include such a letter (if appropriate) in your appendices.

Can an investigator who is employed by an off-campus organization recruit Providence College students or employees as participants?

Yes, but not until the “outside investigator” receives an approval letter from his or her organization’s IRB and then applies to (and receives an approval letter from) our IRB.

One of my co-investigators is employed at a different institution. Can we apply to the IRB of the co-investigator’s institution instead of the IRB of Providence College?

Under such circumstances, both IRBs must approve the project. Explain the situation in your application to our IRB, and provide a copy of the approval letter of the other institution’s IRB (as well as a copy of the other application material) in your appendices.​