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Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance

The Office of Sponsored Projects and Research Compliance (SPaRC) is responsible for the review, submission, and acceptance of grants, contracts, and agreements for research and scholarly work. SPaRC is committed to service excellence, faculty development, and promoting research compliance and integrity.

How SPaRC works with you

Pre-Proposal Activities:
Discuss early phases of project ideas to identify potential funding sources.

Proposal Development Activities:
Assist with all stages of proposal development, including budget preparation, certifications, forms, and cover sheet; prepare a proposal outline based upon grant requirements; obtain institutional letters of support; coordinate proposal submission with research administrators at collaborating institutions; ensure adherence to and provide interpretation of College, sponsor, and government guidelines; submit proposals electronically and/or hard-copy on behalf of the institution.

Grant Administration/Management Activities:
Assist with sponsor communication and correspondence after an award is made; notify principal investigators when progress reports are due​​.

Research Compliance:
Provide guidance, coordination, and oversight for research compliance matters, such as protection of human participants (IRB), Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), animal care and use (IACUC), and intellectual property. Provide oversight and signature authority on Material Transfer Agreements, Data Use Agreements, Federal Wide Assurances (FWAs), and other research agreements.


Dr. Matthew Guardino (Political Science), “Testing the ‘Invisibility Bargain’: Media Imagery, Authoritarianism and U.S. Attitudes toward Immigrant Social Integration and Political Agency” Russell Sage Foundation

Dr. Laura Hauerwas (Elementary/Special Education), “Testing the Impact of Self-Regulated Strategy Development (SRSD)” Department of Education – ABC 6 News article, Click HERE

Dr. Joseph Ribaudo (Engineering/Physics/Systems), “Collaborative Research: Undergraduate Research Experiences in Extragalactic Radio Astronomy” National Science Foundation

Drs. Eric Sung, Tuba Agartan, and Nicholas Longo (Art and Art History, Health Policy and Management, and Global Studies), “Arts for Community Portals: Stories Re-Imagining the Future” National Endowment for the Arts – ABC 6 News article, Click HERE

Dr. Adelaide Clark (Chemistry & Biochemistry), “Hospital Burden, Air Quality, and Health Care Interventions in Southern Oregon” Health Resources and Services Administration – News article found Here

Dr. Ileana Soto-Reyes (Biology), “CAREER: Metabolic control of Purkinje Cell dendritic development and mouse behavior” National Science Foundation

Dr. James Waters (Biology), “Emergent Energetic Regulation in Loosely Connected Biological Networks” National Science Foundation

Dr. Iain Bernhoft (English), “Historical Reckoning and National Identity: What Can Germany Teach the USA?” Marion and Jasper Whiting Foundation

Dr. Lynne M Lawson (Engineering & Physics), “Meaningful evaluation of effective and inclusive teaching through changes in policy, effective instructor development and optimal sources of evidence” Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Dr. Osama Siddiqui (History), “A Science of Society: Economic Thought in Colonial India” National Endowment for the Humanities