Sandra S. Silva-Enos

Sandra Silva-Enos, Assistant Professor, Secondary Education

Assistant Professor, Secondary Education
Ph.D., University of Connecticut

What are your thoughts on teaching?
Three pedagogical aims inform my teaching philosophy: 1) to construct a classroom environment inclusive to critical dialogue and divergent perspectives; 2) to honor and value the assets that my students’ diverse identities bring to the classroom and teach them to explore methods to do the same for their students; and 3) to develop engaged, conscious, critical thinkers who seek to explore social inequities and dominant ideologies in the larger social culture. These aims are guided by my commitment to a diversity, equity, and inclusion lens to help ensure that my students understand that we are never truly done learning because each student’s perspective and experiences bring a different value to the conversation.

Tell us about your field of expertise.
My research interests center around multilingual students, particularly Black, Latino/a/x/e, and immigrant students. I focus on K-12 school and classroom practices and commitments that create equitable space for multilingual students and the educational activities and contexts that foster their identity, confidence, power, and social position.

What hobbies/interests do you enjoy outside of academia?
Crafting, photography, salsa dancing, walks on the beach with my two pups, and traveling