Amy Delaney

Amy Delaney, Instructor, Nursing

Assistant Professor, Nursing
Ph.D., Boston College (expected Fall 2023)

What are your thoughts on teaching?
Mentoring and providing young adult-focused learning is a gift. Not every student will have the same approach in how they process and analyze information. Therefore, my goal is to meet students where they are, to foster success for whatever that is at any time. I also aim to witness in each student the passion that may ignite with working toward their goals. I value the lessons and words that are also provided to me in return by every student. Additionally, I have learned from 30 years of clinical work.

Tell us about your field of expertise.
My program of research has evolved from my clinical expertise and work in pediatric nursing in acute care, post-acute care, and community setting as a pediatric nurse practitioner. The focus of my research is how emerging adults (ages 18-29 years) and parents manage critical congenital heart disease as a dyad, outcomes, and the impact on their quality of life. I also have an interest in parental resilience and the financial impact of families managing chronic/complex diagnoses.

What hobbies/interests do you enjoy outside of academia?
Running, traveling to see my 3 college-aged children, volunteer work in legislative campaigns and professional organizations related to health policy, and time with friends and family