Christopher T. O’Brien

Christopher O'Brien, Assistant Instructional Professor, Psychology

Assistant Instructional Professor, Psychology
Ph.D., University of Alabama

What are your thoughts on teaching?
To quote one of my graduate school mentors, “teaching students not what to think, but how to think.” This reflects a major pillar of my teaching philosophy. Another core aspect of my teaching is having students be active and play a central role in their own education and growth. Teaching brings me much joy, personally and professionally. Lastly, teaching is a two-way street. I cherish learning about, and from, all my students.

Tell us about your field of expertise.
Developmental psychopathology, callous and unemotional traits, peer relationships, ageism education and intervention

What hobbies/interests do you enjoy outside of academia?
Running, cooking, playing guitar, and listening to music and podcasts