Elyse C. Oakley

Elyse Oakley, Assistant Professor, Philosophy

Assistant Professor, Philosophy
Ph.D., University of Virginia

What are your thoughts on teaching?
I enjoy teaching philosophy in part because I think of my classroom as a workshop for building essential lifelong skills in both the communication and analysis of complicated concepts.

Tell us about your field of expertise.
My area of expertise is in the various philosophical issues that arise in health and healthcare, specifically mental health, and healthcare. As a result, my work is located at the intersection of many subdisciplines within philosophy–like philosophy of mind, philosophy of psychiatry, metaphysics, philosophy of science, and bioethics.

What hobbies/interests do you enjoy outside of academia?
I spend most of my time with my spouse and our three cats. I enjoy playing video games, listening to audiobooks, watching entire seasons of shows at once, or dabbling in painting. I have also been known to take on a DIY project or two.