Nea North

Nea North

Assistant Professor, Marketing

Ph.D., University of California Irvine

What are your thoughts on teaching?
My teaching philosophy is based on three main principles: (1) to actively engage students with the business environments surrounding their lives, (2) to foster critical thinking and application of knowledge to real-world problems, and (3) to encourage collaboration as a way to expose students to diverse environments that will allow for continued growth. For each class that I teach, it is important that students are actively engaged and get opportunities to practice their skills. My aim is to prepare students for industry or academic careers, which requires a mix of theory and application.  

Tell us about your field of expertise
I spent much of my life observing vulnerable populations struggle with a number of challenges, such as resource scarcity, and thus, they may have to adapt and find alternative ways to meet their consumption needs. As a result, I have a passion for understanding how people in vulnerable states consume, specifically how their situations and the pursuit of resources impacts their holistic well-being, physically and psychologically. I hope to continue this research and to provide marketers and policy makers insights on how to improve holistic consumer well-being.

What hobbies/interests do you enjoy outside of academia?
Since academia brings out my analytical side, many of my hobbies bring out my creative side. I enjoy cooking, painting, dancing, and listening to live music. Additionally, I’ve been practicing yoga for over 10 years now, and I am actually certified to teach.