Continuous Improvement Program


In the interests of academic and service excellence and in alignment with the College’s Mission and Strategic Plan 2012, as well as relevant NECHE accreditation standards, the Office of Academic Affairs (VPAA) is coordinating and funding cycled, external program reviews on behalf of its division’s departments, programs, and offices. In order to signify its formative, forward-looking nature, the program is titled “Continuous Improvement Program,” or CIP. Broadly defined, the CIP is the mechanism by which academic departments, programs, and offices engage in purposeful self-study and invite external, independent evaluation on a rotating, recurring basis in order to promote continuous improvement and effectiveness.


The VPAA’s Office supports and guides the program review process by providing printed materials, in-person consultations, and regular communications to current and prospective participants.


Participation for all academic departments, programs, and/or offices (“units”) is mandatory during the course of a cycle (7 years; 5-7 units per year). Units have the ability to make choices related to the nature of their reviews, and units that undergo specialized accreditation may or may not choose to participate. If units that undergo specialized accreditation choose to participate, timing should be such that their CIP program review leads into their upcoming external accreditation review. Funding for each review may vary, but is expected to be between $2,000 and $5,000.

For more information, please visit the CIP internal portal site.