Assessment Framework

Assessment Process

  1. ​Develop/articulate mission (based on College Mission)
  2. Develop outcomes (based on mission)
  3. Develop measurements (based on outcomes)
  4. Conduct measurements
  5. Evaluate, interpret, and report results/Identify necessary improvements
  6. Execute improvements
  7. Repeat steps 4-7, continuously; review steps 1-3, periodically

Assessment Methods

The following is a list of some commonly used assessment methods:

  • ​Examinations, commercially-available or self-developed, that test general knowledge or abilities
  • ​Formal evaluations of work (e.g., presentations, papers, personal vision statements, reflections, other) determined using standards that reflect intended outcomes (e.g., rubrics)
  • ​Portfolios
  • Focus groups and/or interviews
  • Surveys/Questionnaires
  • Alumni surveys
  • Document analyses
  • Statistical analyses
  • Service Counts
  • External Consultants/Reviews
  • Benchmarking

Frameworks for Synthesizing Data​

  • ​Strengths – Challenges – Directions
  • ​Foundations – Transformations – Outcomes