Extension of Incomplete Grade Deadline

Students will have until the mid-semester date of the following semester* to complete requirements for any course in which a grade of “I” is given (or if no mark has been submitted by the instructor, indicated by “NM” on the transcript), unless a written agreement, an Incomplete Grade Contract, signed by the student and the instructor and filed in the Student Success Center by the end of the current exam period, abbreviates this timeframe. Until that time, the GPA will be calculated on the basis of the completed courses.** Any “I” or “NM” grade remaining after the deadline will be converted to an “NF” (i.e. “Not Finished”) on the transcript, which earn 0.00 quality points per credit hour in the GPA. 

An “NF” can be changed to another (standard) grade only after a successful appeal to the Exceptions Committee, Chaired by the Associate Dean/Director of Academic Advising in the Student Success Center, and only with the approval of the course instructor. The student’s petition need not explain the need for the original “I” grade, but should instead focus on the particular circumstances which made completion of the coursework within the allotted timeframe impossible. 

*The deadline for Summer School incompletes will be mid-semester of the following Fall Semester. The deadline for the Winter Intersession will be mid-semester of the following Spring Semester. Exceptions to this deadline may be given in cases of deployment of students who are active duty personnel in the United States Armed Forces, National Guard, or Reserve. 

**Dean’s List placement and scholarship considerations may depend upon completion of all courses before that date; these may be adjusted when final grades have been submitted.