Revising Major/Minor Requirements

The Committee on Studies uses the following guidelines in its evaluation of proposals for revisions to major, minor or program requirements. Knowing what sorts of things we use in our evaluation of programs can help you in compiling material to support such a proposal.

Please note: academic policies approved by the College through its formal legislative process take precedence over academic policies approved by academic departments, programs, or schools. If departments, programs, or schools wish to enact specific academic policies that are at variance with existing College policies, the department, program, or school must submit a formal proposal for consideration by the appropriate legislative bodies, with final authorization required from the President.

The Committee on Studies serves several functions with respect to such proposals. We advise proposers of what are, in our opinion, the strengths and weaknesses of their proposals, suggest revisions, and work with them to bring the proposals to a point where we believe it will have a smooth passage through the approval process. After final consideration by us, it is sent to the Faculty Senate where it is considered first by the Academic Affairs Committee and then by the full Senate (which takes into consideration the approval/rejection by the two aforementioned Committees). Final approval by the President finalizes the revision to the existing requirements or policies.

If you or the members of your department have any questions regarding this process, please don’t hesitate to contact the Associate Provost for Academic Policy and Mission Support, Fr. Mark Nowel, O.P., at