Academic Scholarship Standards

The following are the standards that merit-based scholarship recipients must maintain to retain their scholarships. The class deans review these (and all) students’ mid-semester and final grades to monitor their progress and alert them to indications when their scholarships might be in jeopardy. Timely submission of mid-semester and final grades therefore, are essential to our efforts.

Albertus Magnus Scholarship
St. Catherine of Siena Scholarship
St. Dominic Scholarship
St. Joseph Scholarship
St. Thomas of Aquinas Scholarship

Recipients of merit-based scholarships must maintain full-time enrollment (minimum 12 credits each semester).
Grade Point Average:
The evaluation of the GPA for recipients of merit-based scholarships begins after the second semester of the freshman year.
– Second-semester freshmen must have a cumulative GPA no less than 2.75.
– After the freshman year, all scholarship recipients must maintain a minimum semester GPA of 3.00.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship
J. F. Cunningham, O.P. Scholarship
St. Juan Macias Scholarship

All MSP scholarship recipients must maintain full-time enrollment (minimum 12 credits each semester) and meet the minimum CGPA of 2.00 each semester.

The Office of the Dean of Undergraduate & Graduate Studies monitors additional scholarships including: The Roddy Foundation, New York Alumni Chapter, Forand, Fenwick, Boyko, Stride Family, and Fine Arts (Sister Himrod and Pelkington).  As needed, please contact our Office for specific information on these scholarship standards.